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Lucca Comics & Games 2024

Lucca Comics and Games is one of the largest and most famous fairs dedicated to the world of imagination, an event held every year during the Halloween period within the sixteenth-century walls of Lucca, in splendid Tuscany.

Lucca Comics & Games 2024, from 30 October to 3 November, presents itself again this year as the largest international festival dedicated to comics, animated films, role-playing games, video games and everything that falls within the imagination fantasy and science fiction.

What is Lucca Comics
Lucca Comics and Games is one of the largest and most famous fairs dedicated to the world of imagination, an event held every year during the Halloween period within the sixteenth-century walls of Lucca, in splendid Tuscany.
Born in 1966 as the International Comics Exhibition, it grew and transformed into Lucca Comics in 1993 to become Lucca Comics and Games in 1995: today it is an unmissable and highly anticipated event for fans from all over the world.
Lucca Comics and Games transforms the center of Lucca into a true microcosm with an incredible influx of audiences.
The event starts from comics and games and goes beyond, with previews, editorial news, exhibitions, illustrious guests, collector's items that will not be sold elsewhere, awards ceremonies, meetings, costumes, screenings and concerts.
The city fabric itself becomes an integral part of the fair, so much so that to move around you can't help but use a map where the thematic areas and all the sub-areas are marked, which you can highlight separately thanks to the drop-down menu.

Guests and thematic areas
It is the peculiar organization of this event: Lucca itself becomes an exhibition space and hosts the stands on its territory.
The fair is therefore divided into nine large thematic areas, each of which constitutes a small world connected to the others: from comics to games, from video games to cosplay, up to the tent for live concerts. Visiting Lucca Comics is like visiting the entire city.
Also due to its size, this fair has global relevance, so much so that high-profile guests arrive every year not only from Italy but from all over the world. Visitors stand in line for hours to see their favorite artists and receive an autograph or an original drawing, and reservations for certain meetings sell out within a few hours.

What does this type of fair offer
For those who have never been to a comic or game convention, it might be difficult to understand what this type of event offers. A normal comics fair like Lucca C&G was in its early days is defined as a market fair, that is, there is not something on display for the sake of seeing it, but objects are displayed to be sold. Obviously over time the event has developed, combining art and sales in a series of interconnected activities and events.
It has therefore managed to create such a large and wide-ranging quantity of events and sales and exhibition sections that no one can visit it in just 4 days. Just think that in addition to the 600 or more stands exhibiting all day we have an intense program of music and cosplay parade, around twenty exhibitions and film reproductions and even live role-playing activities.
What does it offer more than other comics fairs?
Since the fair moved within the city it has become something unique, so much so that it has won third place in the world ranking of comics fairs. But it would certainly take first place if the unique style of its layout was taken into account. Unlike other comics and games fairs, the Lucca fair is located in the middle of the city and is not closed in an exhibition area: this allows it to grow infinitely. In fact, the thematic areas that the fair touches on have increased over time and perhaps it is the only fair capable of offering so many visit offers at the same time. Today, not only comics and board game enthusiasts come to the fair: fans of live role-playing games, video game enthusiasts, fantasy enthusiasts, music enthusiasts, cosplay enthusiasts, fans of the professional world of comics and game. In short, there is something for all tastes!
So this fair offers additional themes that are not touched on by smaller fairs, it offers exhibitions of various kinds to visit for free, it offers events and conferences for all tastes, it offers spaces and competitions for cosplay, it offers contests of various kinds from comics to games. In addition obviously to the sale of stands.

How to get to Lucca
You can reach Lucca by train from various cities in Tuscany or by car, via the A11 Firenze – Mare, or with the Bretella (A11 variant) which connects Versilia with the city.

During Lucca Comics it can be very difficult to find hotel accommodation.

Our hotel in Lido di Camaiore offers accommodation at reasonable prices. Lucca is about 20 minutes away by car or train.


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