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Garfagnana is a pristine area rich in history and surrounded by the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. The main center is Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, of which we have known since 740 AD.

The village of Castelnuovo is characteristic for its many bridges and because it's developed inside the fortress, that dating back to the eleventh century, around which was later built the entire fortification that surrounds it.

Another important village of Garfagnana is Barga, where the Italian poet Giovanni Pascoli took refuge for many years, and where he composed the famous poem "Canti di Castelvecchio." Today has remained the chapel, where the poet is buried, and his house-museum that preserves furniture, books and manuscripts remained intact after his death.

For those who love nature, the routes in Garfagnana are many. You can walk, trekking, riding a mountain biking or a horse along the trails through the woods of the Apuan Alps. Do not miss the two most famous tourist attractions: the Cave of the Wind and the Natural Park of Orecchiella.

Situated in the center of the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps, the Cave of the Wind is one of the most complete European caves, for the variety of geological phenomena. Through easy and illuminated paths you can see alive stalactites and stalagmites, brilliant and polychrome castings, alabaster draperies, small lakes encrusted with crystals, water courses and bizarre forms of erosion.

The organized tours last one, two or three hours, depending on your needs. The temperature inside the cave is about 6-7 °, so we recommend warm clothing.

Still inside the Natural Park of the Apuan Alps Natural is located the Natural Park of Orecchiella. Divided into three nature reserves: "Orecchiella", "Pania of Corfino" and &the Red Blade," the park is made up of towering forests of beech, chestnut and fir trees, where there are still many species of plants and wildlife.

Walking through the park you might encounter for example the Apennine wolf, deers, bears and wild boars. Instead, in the sky you can see raptors such as hawks and eagles. To enable you to discover the beauty of the park, are organized accessible routes for every type of visitor, from children to experts.


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