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Seravezza is a small town at the foot of the Apuan Alps and one of the oldest country in Versilia. Its name is often wrongly attributed to two streams that cross the region: Serra and Vezza. Actually, is the town that gave origin to the two streams, and Seravezza takes its name to the Lombard place–name Sala Vetitia, which indicated a center of trade.

For the long history of the area, the villages around Seravezza retain many churches and traces of several historical periods. Is worth visiting, for example, the small village of Corvaia with the ruins of the famous fortress.

Built on an undefined period to guard the ancient Via Romea (later called Via Francigena), the Rock of Corvaia hosted within its walls one of the most powerful Lombards families of Lucca, the Viscounts of Corvara. Of the fortress today remained only fragments of the walls immersed in an olive grove.

From 1500s Seravezza passed under the Florentine domain of the powerful Medici family and the symbol of this domination is the Medici Palace, probably built by Bartolomeo Ammannati between 1561 and 1569 for Cosimo I.

The building is located along the left bank of the river Vezza, in a strategic position to control the extraction of the marble of Monte Altissimo, began with the activity of Michelangelo. Around the mid-sixteenth century, even the best artists of the Medici court began to attend Seravezza, attracted by the production of new fine marble quarries.

Today, the Medici Palace hosts important exhibitions of modern and contemporary art, the municipal library of Seravezza and the Museum of Work and Popular Traditions of Historical Versilia.


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