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Torre del Lago takes its name from a tower, stood near the Lake of Massaciuccoli between the XV and XVI century. In 1938, to the original name "Torre del Lago" was added "Puccini", to pay homage to the great composer who lived and composed here many of his most famous works.

Puccini, in fact, was enchanted by the quiet of the lake and in 1898 decided to buy the residence where he was staying, owned by the Dukes of Austria. The villa was completely destroyed and rebuilt, according to a project to which collaborated Puccini, De Servi, Nomellini, Galileo Chini and Vincenzo Pilotti. The simple external architecture contrasts with the richness of the interior decorations, which characterize each room differently according to its function. Villa Puccini is now a museum which also hosts the grave of the composer.

Since 1930, Torre del Lago celebrates the master with the Puccini Festival. In the Grand Open Air Theatre Giacomo Puccini, at the edge of the Lake of Massaciuccoli, are reproduced some of his most famous works, such as Madama Butterfly, Turandot, Boheme and Tosca. A prestigious event that attracts tourists and fans from all over the world.

From the villa you can also admire the Lake of Massaciuccoli where Giacomo Puccini loved to carry out his hunting. The lake was already known in the Roman period, as shown by the Table Peutingeriana, a paper that showed military roads of the Roman Empire.

Rich in flora and fauna, since 1985 the Lake of Massaciuccoli became a natural oasis, thanks an agreement between the Park of Migliarino San Rossore and LIPU for the conservation and enhancement of the area. During the summer, into the lake you can play many sports activities such as boat trips, bird watching, boat rentals, canoe, kayak or canoe courses.

Torre del Lago


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