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The marble quarries of Carrara one on the Apuan Alps

The marble quarries of Carrara is one of the many wonders of the Apuan Alps. Discovered in '500 by Michelangelo, Carrara marble is known and used worldwide.

To fully enjoy the beauty of this reality, many are the organized tours to discover the traditions and architecture of Carrara and its suburbs. In addition to the paths between the marble caves, you can visit the artisan workshops of XII century, the Larderie, which produces the famous lard, the cathedral of the city, the Malaspina Castle, baroque palaces and houses, fountains, streets and all walls made of marble.

All the itineraries can be done individually or in groups. The standard route takes about 3 hours and includes a visit to the marble quarries plus, optionally, one of the following options: Colonnata Lard, The city of marble, building industry and architecture, sculpture. For those who want to follow all of the options available, the full path takes about 8 hours.

Finally, for those who love off-road, it's possible to organize unique itineraries in their genre. Visiting the quarries of Carrara in an off road vehicle, you can see places inaccessible to normal visitors along winding and steep roads, eaching up to 1200 meters above the sea level.

Marble quarries in Carrara


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